I realize that if you say you think the new Late Show with Stephen Colbert totally stinks, you will immediately be branded a right wing extremist. Everything today is political. Believe I’m not a rightwing extremist or a left wing nut. I’m not any wing. “Bird who flies with only one wing go in circles.” –Charlie Chan.I try to stay in the middle. I just don’t believe there’s a totally left or totally right solution for anything. There’s a balance somewhere in between. I rarely express political opinions publicly. I was raised to keep my political and religious opinions to myself. Wish everyone would. However, I find the two political extremes extremely hilarious, and equally ridiculous. It’s a great show out there and will only get better as the election gets closer. (Latest Bulletin: EMI is suing Huckabee and Kim Davis for unauthorized public performance of “Eye of the Tiger.” at her jail release rally. How funny is that?) (Second Late Bulletin: Hillary tells Uma’s husband the Wiener dude to stay away from rallies.)
But getting back to the Late Show’s new host I watched the first two shows and it’s a mess. Colbert now forced to drop the role of a right wing pundit, reveals he’s just a snarky little guy who makes dumb, almost nonsensical remarks that aren’t funny, except to the millennial fans who seem to jam the Ed Sullivan Theater each night to see him. The media critics pretty much gave him a pass on opening night. But I didn’t read any raves. I think they’d like him to succeed, but are nervous about it.
The production of the show is chaotic, and the disjointed interviews Colbert conducts with the guests, belong back on a low budget cable channel. Tonight his non-stop jabbering caused Scarlett Johanson to yell “Stop it!” so she could answer his question.Yeah, it would be nice if he left the guest answer a question.
Colbert is the kind of kid you had in class when you were in high school who basically annoyed everybody until one day somebody told him to sit down and shut up. “And by the way you’re name is Colbert with a t at the end not Colbare!”
the-durango-kid-collection-12-films-in-6-dvds-15But this is a show designed for the social media crowd, and will probably be a big success. Snarking is easy in a tweet and not complicated. People can’t handle complications these days. They make people grab the Xanax right away. Expressing sustained thought, or discussing an idea is too hard nowadays and on Twitter it’s impossible in just 140 key strokes. So just forget about it
I miss Dave. Hell, I miss Johnny. But I’m not too gloomy about it. There is an alternative to this drivel. Once in a while GET TV holds an all-night Durango Kid marathon. Beats Xanax any day.