The new Fall TV Season has begun and I guess everybody has to be an action hero now. I watched two of the new Monday Night shows, “Minority Report” and “Blindspot,” and there was plenty of action, if not much credibility.

21-minority-report.w529.h352For the “Minority Report” TV series they basically took one of the precogs in Spielberg’s film and turned him into a peach-fuzzed youngster-version of Tom Cruise. Except he looks too confused to be TC, who is self-confident and all-knowing thanks to Scientology. He’s also pretty clumsy in the action scenes but hopefully he’ll improve, if the show lasts long enough.  Not to worry in the meantime. There’s a strong female cop to help him through the rough spots.

Worse later that night was the new “Blindspot,” a totally ridiculous series about a nude tattooed girl found in a duffle bag in the middle of Times Square. She’s blindspot-posteramnesiac but as the hour goes on she discovers she speaks Chinese and is an action hero too. She kicks some Chinese butt down in Chinatown. Each of the tattoos is a clue to something or other— basically the plot for each coming episode. Hopefully there are more tattoos than there will be episodes.

Wow! What the hell are these shows about??!!! I don’t have any idea. There is nothing humanly relatable in these two. Will the season get better?

I’m dubious about the new Muppet Show, which has been turned into a reality show format. But hope springs eternal.

Supergirl? Nah. Instead bring Linda Carter back as Wonder Woman’s mother with Justin Bieber as a transgender Wonder Woman. It’ll get an Emmy for sure.