This is Killer One, the Immortal of Asia. I bid you greetings. Do not be afraid. I intend no immediate harm– not as long as my will is obeyed. Know that I am watching with an all powerful eye. Not the slightest incident, the most inconsequential action goes unnoticed. You are all under surveillance.

Hunting Monsters final frontSoon the Time of Consequence will be here. Soon the Shadows of the Immortal will pass through your streets and alley ways to sort the wheat from the chaff. The Shadows will slip under your doors and through locked and shuttered windows and they will look to see who will live and who will be blasted to the everlasting darkness of the Void.

They will glide over your book shelves, and coffee tables, your night stands, even your bathrooms. They will be searching to see who was wise and who was foolish. The wise will be those who have purchased their copies of the Mordecai Slate books, the foolish will have not. Do I have to Mordecaisay that only the wise will be saved? There is still time, foolish ones. Join the wise. Go to and purchase your copies of Vampire Siege at Rio Muerto and Hunting Monsters Is My Business now. The Blood Moon Rises tonight. Only Mordecai can save you. That is all.