Killer One, Immortal of Asia Speaks:

blindspot-posterOh mindless ones. Last night’s episode of Blindspot confirmed that it is already descending into the cliched canyon of cancelled cliffhangers. Why, oh puny television programmers, must you try to cram into your totally boring main characters, backstories that would make even the writers of daytime soaps cringe?

Last night we learned that Weller may have known Jane Doe when he was a little boy and that he knocked her out of a tree and gave her a scar on her neck, and his father is dying in hospital somewhere, but he doesn’t want to visit him. Wah, wah, wah. Jane has flashbacks of herself executing some white robed figure in a church. She wonders if she’s a terrible person.

Such inane characterization is meaningless, wretched script writers! You would do well to stick to the action scenes which are well done and better than most shows, especially being filmed in New York. Heed my words, you minions of NBC, if you do not stick more to the unraveling of the mystery of the tattoos you will find yourselves blasted into the eternal void of cancellation.

I am not alone in my assessment. Read this rather generous review.

NBC has announced it has given the Blindspot’s producers a back nine order. There is a chance you may yet succeed, minions, if you heed my advice.

Killer One, Immortal of Asia has spoken.