So they tore down the nice little old Giant Supermarket in our neighborhood and put up a huge, gigantic monstrosity that’s the size of an airport terminal. That’s how big and impersonal it is. The cashiers and workers are the same, although they’ve had to put more people on, but they seem lost and confused.

I mean it’s really large. The ceiling is way up there in the clouds, And it’s like a ceiling in a warehouse, with pipes and fans showing.

You can’t find anything. It takes about an hour to walk from one end to the other.

It’s all glass and steel. Another example of the depersonalization of 21 century life. We are merely cogs in the great pinball machine of consumerism. We only exist to serve the greater good of commercialism.

Think I’m kidding? Listen to this. This new Giant now has mini-shopping carts for little kids. You see these kids pushing their carts behind their mothers,and I swear to God, the carts have these long flag poles that are four or five  feet tall, with a white flag at the top that says: “Customer in Training.”

You can’t start them young enough. Future cogs in the great airport of commerce. Is your flight arriving or departing?