>A gong sounds<


It is well that you have heeded my warnings, subservient ones.The Shadows of Darkness have finished the first phase of their surveillance work and have found that a sufficient number of you have purchased ebook Hunting Monsters final frontcopies of “Hunting Monsters Is My Business” to forestall blasting any of you into the Void. For now. They report also that one of the wiser among you purchased a paperback copy of “Vampire Siege at Rio Muerto.” This pleases the Immortal of Asia very much.

“Hunting Monsters” was #6 in Amazon’s Top 100 horror/western ebooks a day ago but has already dropped to #15, More needs to be done. Ebook sales of “Rio Muerto” have been slowing down. This cannot persist. It is important for you to remember this is TwoSeige at Rio Muerto ebook for Tuesday. You can obtain copies of both books without spending a penny of your paltry income if you are a member of Kindle Unlimited. And even if not, spending $3.99 on one of these mystical tomes may be the best investment of your insignificant lives.

Killer One, Immortal of Asia has spoken!

>The gong sounds again<