Star_WarsThere’s been a lot of comment on the Star Wars trailer. It should get an Oscar for best movie trailer of all time. How the movie will be is still an unanswered question

.But there’s no doubt that what made the trailer so good was Harrison Ford saying, “It’s real. It’s all real.” You couldn’t have said anything that would thrill the hearts and stir the souls of Star Wars fans more.

“Of course it’s real, you doubting Thomases out there. The Force, the Jedis. It’s all freakin’ real. So knock off the negativity.”

The fans want it to be real and they want to get their tickets now, in advance. It’s like buying a ticket for the last train leaving for Paradise, and you don’t want to miss that. I don’t either. But, please, while I’m enjoying the ride, just let me enjoy it, and don’t try to keep selling me stuff.