big shutdown 2“The Big Shutdown” is the complete Jack Brand saga, as originally told in the pages of Ray Gun Revival in 2006-2007.  Set in the  late 23rd Century, it tells the story of ex-Army Ranger and former Tulon Security Force Officer Jack Brand and his years-long search for his sister, Terry. Terry was kidnapped by a gang of dune-buggy riding Nomads on the planet Tulon, after he led her and his tactical squad into an ambush. Feeling responsible for her capture and the loss of his men, Brand has vowed to find her, dead or alive, no matter how long it takes. But the Energy Conglomerates of Earth who control the planet have decided to pull the plug on Tulon. Its rich oil deposits are no longer needed since the development of alternative fuels. The planet will be abandoned as The Big Shutdown is implemented and the last ships leave for earth.

Brand’s search for Terry leads him from one exotic location to another, including a domed city in the desert controlled by gangsters, and underwater kingdom ruled by a beautiful mermaid queen, and various outposts of what’s left of Tulon’s civilization.

Along the way, Brand meets the unforgettable Christy Jones, a woman as dangerous as she is beautiful. She saves Brand’s life but nearly at the cost of her own. His mission to find his lost sister separates them, but fate brings her back into his life later in a cruel, and unexpected way, as the wife of another man. They separate again, but they both know it will not be for the last time.

It’s sci-fi adventure inspired by Flash Gordon and the Martian stories of Edgar Rice Burroughs and some elements of the gritty westerns of the late sixties

With “The Big Shutdown” I resisted the current trend to write a book with a cliffhanger ending as a tease to sell a potential series. The story has a beginning, middle and an end. There are no loose ends that leave you dangling. Not to say that Brand, and Christy Jones could never show up in another book, but if they did, it would be a completely new adventure.

I think you’ll find that reading a story that resolves all of its tensions and conflicts an uncommonly satisfying reading experience . Give it a try. Here’s a trailer for the book. You can order it here.