big shutdown 2Like stories with giant octopuses in them? Octopi, excuse me.There’s one in THE BIG SHUTDOWN. Jack Brand receives a desperate message from Christy Jones that she has been captured by the denizens of a city that lies at the bottom of Tulon’s Inland Sea. He goes to the legendary city of Nemuria and finds it inhabited with creatures who once lived in the sea, but were forced by climate change centuries ago to take refuge in a glass-domed underwater city built by their ancestors. The city is ruled by the beautiful but imperious Queen Anemone, who is holding Christy prisoner.

Nemuria is in crisis. The sacred crystal that supplies the city’s air is running out. Having lived in the domed city for so long the people of Nemuria can no longer tolerate the atmosphere on the surface. Nemuria is doomed. But there one chance! A second crystal that could save them exists but it lies at the bottom of a deep trench guarded by a giant Octo-Pod. Anemone says she will let her prisoners go if Brand will risk the great depth and the Octo-Pod and retrieve the crystal.

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