It’s 12 days until Christmas and in case you’re looking for good gift ideas, don’t forget that Flying W Press has several items that would make nice gifts for friends and family or for yourself for that matter.

First, is the full-length Mordecai Slate novel, VAMPIRE SIEGE AT RIO MUERTO. Sized CoverAlthough the series of monster hunter stories began with short stories published first by Pill Hill Press and then Emby Press, Slate really came into his own in VAMPIRE SIEGE. In this tale, the monster hunter of the Old West journeys to Socorro, NM and is hired by a wealthy ranchero, Don Pedro Sanchez, to capture the vampire who ravished his daughter and bring him back alive so that he can drive the wooden stake through the monster’s heart himself. There’s plenty of hair-raising adventure mixed with authentic western lore. Reviewers called this novel: “An instant classic.”

Next is HUNTING MONSTERS IS MY BUSINESS. This is the complete Hunting Monsters final frontcollection of all the Mordecai Slate stories published so far, plus a new novella that takes up Slate’s story at the point where VAMPIRE SIEGE ENDED. This collection received rave reviews like this from Amazing Stories Magazine: “Whalen’s ability to mix the stoic lingo found in the old pulp dime novels with the literary artistry of classic genre fiction writers is what separates him from all the others. . . .”

And the latest addition to the Flying W Press catalog is THE BIG big shutdown 2SHUTDOWN, the new, revised edition of JACK BRAND the novel based on the original spacewestern serial that ran in in 2006-2007. Ex-Army Ranger and semi-retired Tulon Security Force agent Jack Brand searches the strange cities and exotic locations of a dying planet for his kidnapped sister.  The Midwest Book Review said of the original edition: “An exciting adventure not to be missed.”

All three books are available in Kindle e-book and paperback editions. Ordering is just as simple as clicking on the title.

Happy holidays from Flying W Press.