Star_WarsA few more thoughts on STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS occurred to me during a discussion on facebook of what I wrote on my last blog. Two of my friends wrote to say I should just relax and enjoy Star Wars for what it is. Fun. Here’s what I replied:

Well, I’ve got other beefs to pick with The Force awakens. It’s the first one since Disney bought out Lucas. In case you don’t know how I felt about The Big Sellout here’s a link to the blog I wrote back then.…/31/empire-1-rebels-0/

I said it was like all the characters had been sold into slavery, a sentiment which Lucas himself expressed a short time ago. I’d been a Lucas supporter until he made the deal. There was no good reason for him to sell his creation. He can say he wanted the story to continue, but the bottom line was money. If he wanted to keep it going he had the wherewithal to do it himself. Maybe not creatively anymore as witness the prequels that every body hated. He would have done better to let it just end.

Megacorporations own and control everything now. Star Wars under Lucas Film was at least one bit of rebellion against that trend. So that’s why I won’t contribute a dollar to it. Best way, actually,to see The Force Awakens would be to sneak into the theater and see it for free. Hey maybe we could combine that with the No Pants Subway Ride that’s going on today. We could all show up with no pants but carrying toy light sabers.



I also said:

I don’t begrudge anybody a good time. I’m sure it’s very entertaining. But what I can’t get unstuck from my craw is that Star Wars started out as the product on one man’s genius. He made the movie he wanted to make, basically, a big scale Flash Gordon serial. (He lost control of it when he went on to the sequels, which I don’t believe were ever originally planned.) But the original film was the work of one individual with an idea and the drive and inspiration to see it through. But now Star Wars is in the hands of a corporation whose only inspiration comes from box office receipts. Just one more example of the corporatization of American culture. That’s why I gladly spend $18 to see The Hateful Eight. Tarantino at this point has not lost his independent spirit or inspiration and makes movies the way he wants to make them. I’m still not sure I liked Hatefu 8 but I’m not sorry I saw it, and I’ll go see the next one he makes. But Disney and JJ can make all the movies they want, but I won’t be in line to see them. (As if anyone in hell, cares what I think.)

And in case you think I’m being too harsh with Disney, that they aren’t the evil Empire after all, just remember that they blocked Tarantino’s showing of The Hateful Eight in Hollywood’s Cinerama Theater, a venue the director really wanted. Despite an agreement with the theater to interrupt its showing of THE FORCE AWAKENS to allow Tarantino’s film to be shown for two weeks in its Road Show 70 mm presentation, Disney blocked the showing. They wouldn’t give up one little theater for two weeks. That’s as mean as anything ever done by any of Disney’s animated villains, including Cruella de Vil.