The book giveaway is over and I’m pretty happy with the results. The sales’ rankings for The Big Shutdown shot up from the low thousands to 40, which put it in pretty good big shutdown 2company. Now that its over the book is back down in the 3,000 area. That’s not a problem for me. The monster hunter books continue to be top sellers in the Horror/Western category. But that’s a much smaller niche. You really don’t have to sell that many books to get into the top 100 or even the top 10. But space opera is much larger category with thousands of titles competing against each other. So unless I go with one of the big publishing houses, who can promote and provide wide exposure, The Big Shutdown may never get into the top 100 again, unless somehow word of mouth builds and the book sells by itself. Not too likely. But in the meantime I can continue writing and publishing myself, slowly building up a readership and like the man said, when it’s all done, I can say I did it my way.

Here’s an interesting breakdown of the actual number of books that were given away yesterday. Compared to guys like Lawrence Block and Paul Bishop who gave away books around the same day that I did, the numbers may seem laughably small, but it’s all relative, gang. The total number of free books given away was 45. The fascinating thing is that only 26 were given to U.S. readers. The other 19 were from overseas!

Germany had the highest number, with 9.
Next. United Kingdom, with 8.
France and Canada both scored 1 each.

My blog consistently registers viewers from those countries. Though they seldom if ever comment on anything, it’s great to know they’re following me and Flying W Press. Thanks to each and everyone both overseas and in the U.S. who participated in the giveaway. I would have been really bummed out if no one did. I really hope those who got the book will now actually read it and if you have the time, post a review on Amazon. It helps to have a few stars after the title up there on the Amazon page.

So, now it’s onward and wherever. Look for more new releases coming in 2016. Have a good weekend.