Anybody know who Jock Mahoney was? Anybody out there? Well, he just happened to be one of the greatest stuntmen/actors who ever lived, that’s all. He played the Range Rider on TV in the fifties, and Yancy Derringer later on and eventually played Tarzan in films made on location in Asia. He’s also the inspiration for Burt Reynolds movie HOOPER. You can learn more about the Reynolds/Mahoney connection in my review of Hooper over on Cinema Retro.

I actually met and shook hands with Mahoney and his partner Dick Jones, who played in the Range Rider with him. When I was a kid I saw him at the Philadelphia Arena where he headed up a rodeo. He did stunts on horseback, staged fight scenes. A hell of a show as I remember it. He autographed a publicity still for me, and I really regret that it got lost somewhere between now and then. He was one of those larger than life guys.