big shutdown 2

I’ve posted previously on the progress of my self-publishing career, if you can call it that.(It’s more like the rambling efforts of a brain-damaged junkie whose hooked on putting words together rather than any sort of chemical subtsance.) I’m trying to present as truthful a picture of the process and whatever results have occurred.

The latest effort at promoting one of my works has had a curious result. A month or so ago I held a free 24-hour giveaway of THE BIG SHUTDOWN. The intention was to get the book into some reluctant readers’ hands and hopefully stimulate a desire on their part to spread the word about the book either through word of mouth or in a written review on A total of 45 copies of the book were grabbed up. Not a huge number. But it showed there are people out there willing to give the book a try, as long as they don’t have to pay for it. I’m happy they took me up on the offer.

Now as far as results go, it’s kind of surprising. So far since the giveaway the book has dropped into a black hole. No sales, no pages read under the Kindle Unlimited deal. Even worse, so far, only one very thoughtful customer review on Amazon. Before the giveaway there was a steady trickle of sales, but the trickle has stopped. Why, I can’t say.

But now here’s the interesting part. Since the giveaway, sales of my other books, The Mordecai Slate Monster Hunter books, have been doing very well, relatively speaking. So I’m thinking that what is happening is that those who took the freebie space western liked it well enough to check out the other books.

I’ve read about this phenomenon before. When you put out a new book, it helps the others in your catalog sell. One can deduce from this that the more books you put out, the more all of them will sell.

Bottom line: Keep writing. If your stuff is any good it will eventually find readers, even those willing to shell out some money for it.