mordecai mego

I can hardly believe it myself, but one of my readers has gone and made a Mordecai Slate Mego action figure. Randy Shilling, of Flint, Mich., is a pretty talented guy. He’s made quite a few Mego figures, including Godzilla, Swamp Thing, and a number of other pulp fiction characters. I’m really quite honored that he decided to make one based on the character in my monster hunter weird western novels.

He makes them as a hobbyist, but I’d love to see these become mass produced. As Yogurt said, “Merchandising! It’s all in the merchandising.” So here’s hats off and thanks to Randy. May the Schwarz be with you!

In the meantime, you can follow Slate’s adventures in the novel, VAMPIRE SIEGE AT RIO MUERTO,  and the collection of weird western tales called, HUNTING MONSTERS IS MY BUSINESS.