Every so often I read about this or that director wanting to bring the Creature from the Black Lagoon back to the big screen. But would a Creature remake even be possible today? I mean would people even want to see it? Given the likes of Jurassic World and Godzilla, and Pacific Rim– movies made on a big, big scale, with budgets to match– movie goers now are used to over-sized monsters capable of knocking skyscrapers over and wasting an entire city. How could the Creature possibly compete?

The Creature from the Black Lagoon was a monster built on a more human scale. He’s not even seven feet tall! The worst thing the Creature ever did was rollover a car, capsize a rowboat, and mess up a few cops.

CGI has changed the way horror and science fiction movies are made and it’s a shame that today’s giganticism has come at the cost of intimacy. The thing about the Creature was that you felt empathy for him. A poor creature dragged from his nice peaceful black lagoon into a strange, hostile world by scientists,who wanted to study and analyze him. You could identify with him. That was me skulking down there in the weeds ogling Julia Adams in her one piece bathing suit. I can’t identify as closely with T Rex and Godzilla. They’re just too big to worry about.

Hopefully the Gill Man is back in his lagoon now, enjoying retirement. I hope they just leave him alone.