I keep hearing that the latest franchise movie (you know, the latest Marvel, DC, Star Wars flicks, etc.) “reinvigorates” the franchise. So, that prompts the question: Like the franchise was dead? It needed reinvigorating?

Makes you wonder, if the franchise was on its last legs, maybe it had lived out its normal life span and was just 0VER. And then you gotta ask: Why retread these things and pretend it’s like it used to be. It never is. It’s OVER.

Why junk up movie theaters with endless repackaging of these titanic flops? They’re OVER.

Frankenstein tried reinvigorating a lifeless corpse. Look how that turned out. But it’s big bucks and monopolistic movie studios that keep cranking wasted electricity into these dumb, dumb juvenile super hero movies. Apparently there are a lot more to come.

Guess the studios and the morons making these things just don’t know– they’re OVER.