GET TV is now airing “JOHNNY STACCATO” John Cassavetes TV series from 1959 about a jazz-piano playing private detective.

The show only ran for one season on NBC but was interesting because of Cassavetes and the fact that it used a live jazz soundtrack. The success of Henry Mancini’s jazz score for Peter Gunn spawned a number of private eye shows that used jazz background music. I haven’t seen the show since it aired when I was a teen and I can barely remember any of it. I do recall that the music was different. Instead of the  cool west-coast jazz that Mancini composed for Gunn, Stacatto’s music was  composed by Elmer Bernstein, and it was a lot louder and brassier.

Tonight GET showed four episodes back-to-back. But GET’s schedule is kind of erratic. Next airing will be on Saturday. So I don’t know if it’ll have a regular time slot. The problem with GET is they have too many commercials. In fact they show the half-hour eps in a 40 minute time slot to get the ads in without having to trim the show. At least they don’t cut them.

Best strategy is to DVR the shows, watch them later, skipping the commercials.