night ofHBO’s series “The Night of” got off to a pretty good start. Riveting drama as a young student makes mistake after mistake (all believable) and ends up charged with murder. Realistic film noir that reminded me of some of Cornell Woolrich’s stories. James Gandolfini was going to play the part of the lawyer who defends him but passed away after doing the pilot. They reshot it with John Turturro in the part. Remains to be seen how this develops. But the first episode of this eight part series was well done.

Wednesday July 13, all you Gene Autry, Roy Rogers fans be on the                      alert. TCM is showing roy.jpgtwo of their films each, including “In Old Santa Fe,” the Ken Maynard film that introduced Autry to the movies. and “Springtime in the Sierras,” one of Roy’s Trucolor westerns. “Love those shirts.”