Golden ArrowYou know what gets me? Whenever there’s a movie with some guy lost in the desert, invariably you’ll have that scene where the guy pulls out his canteen and finds it empty. He looks at it in surprise then with a snarl on his kisser, he tosses it away.

I was watching “The Golden Arrow,” a film that Tab Hunter made in 1962. It was an Italian Arabian Nights thing, directed by Antonio Margheriti no less. And sure enough old Tab is trying to cross a desert to find the Golden Arrow so he can marry the princess and he pulls his horse up, pulls out the canteen and … EMPTY. With that same snarl of disgust they always have, he tosses it away.

Whenever I see that scene, I always want to shout: “Hey, dummy. Why’d you throw the canteen away? What are you gonna do if you find some water up ahead? What are you going to carry it in? Don’t throw that canteen away! It’s not like they grow on trees out there in the Sahara!”

Old Tab Hunter with a very deep dubbed-in voice in The Golden Arrow. I hate to say I thought he was dead. But he isn’t. Still alive and kicking at age 85.