I just received a print copy of the new magazine, SKELOS, The Journal of Weird Fiction and Dark Fantasy, and I’m blown away by the fantastic review written by Keith West of my book, “Hunting Monsters Is My Business, The Mordecai Slate Stories.” It’s the publication’s first issue, and I’m thrilled to have my work mentioned in what promises to be a serious and significant periodical aimed at presenting new fiction, thoughtful essays, and book reviews.

The review caught me by surprise. I had no idea they were even considering it. “Hunting Monsters Is My Business,” came out in 2014 and is a collection of all the Mordecai Slate short stories published in various zines and anthologies over the last several years, as well as an original novella written especially for the book. It’s been the most popular book I’ve done so far, and has been in the Amazon Top 100 horror westerns continuously since it’s publication.

The reviewer had a lot of good things to say about the individual stories and about Mordecai Slate as a character. For example:

“Mordecai Slate doesn’t have a lot of angst in most of the stories. He’s very much a cool-headed, resourceful man who doesn’t back down easily. I think Robert E. Howard would have enjoyed these stories. Whalen writes with a lean, at times almost Hemingway-esque style.”

He also noted the “insightful meditation on what sort of person courts danger by hunting monsters,” which appears in the collection’s title story. He also thought two stories featuring Asian characters were “two of the most original in the book.”

It’s a long review and I could quote more from it, but better you get a copy of the magazine and read it yourself. You can get your copy here.