An 11th woman, a porn star, says Trump offered her 10 G’s to have sex with her. Sounds like Hillary isn’t the only one guilty of pay for play.

(Any late night comedians: you want to use that joke, just send a check.)

p5492_p_v8_aaWatching Dracula’s Daughter on Svengoolie. I’ve get a better copy of that movie on Laserdisc than the one they’re showing. Laserdics were a very fine home video medium. And I’m shocked at young people who say they’ve never even seen or heard of them.

Well, why would I be shocked. Young people today have never heard of much of anything.

downey-3Speaking of laserdiscs, and other things that have become extinct, it seems the rate of extinction is accelerating more rapidly than at any other time in history. That’s a new scientific term I just invented. The rate of extinction. It means the rate at which things in our lives come and go. Stuff comes and goes in a flash. It’s coming and going faster than ever before. Remember pet rocks and mood rings?People are becoming extinct faster than ever. Remember Morton Downey Jr.? How about Joe Pine? Or McLean Stevenson.

Mass consumerism is producing more and more junk, and more and more junk people who appear on the horizon briefly and then get quickly buried under a giant trash heap, as new junk appears. Just think as the seconds are ticking away, you’re getting that much closer to extinction yourself. And not only extinction. Oblivion. Oblivion, if you look in the dictionary, actually means the state of being totally forgotten. We’re all floating in a giant Sargasso sea of junk, about to be swept under by the next wave of garbage. Ponder that for a minute.