Turning to what really matters, the other night instead of watching election coverage,  I watched THE MAN WITH NINE LIVES with Boris Karloff on GET TV. This is one of those Nick Grinde horror flicks from the 1940s that is so bizarre and off-the-wall, you just sit there with your mouth hanging open. The opening scene is in an operating room where Dr. Tim Mason (Roger Pryor) is demonstrating a new scientific breakthrough called FROZEN THERAPY. As one of the doctors in the audience watching the demo explains,the theory is that by freezing someone with a fatal illness you can cure whatever’s ailing them. (Well, its more complicated than that, but lets not get into it.)

So Dr. Mason has an unconscious woman on the table and has begun freezing her. Now this is low budget B movie stuff, here. So he’s not using any advance science technique to freeze her. Those kinds of special effects cost money. He’s got a nurse piling chunks of ice on her and taking her temperature with a thermometer. He gets her temp down to 88. Five days later she’s still a human popsicle and the audience thinks she must be dead. But oh no! He proves she is very much alive with another ultra science method. He gets the nurse to pour hot coffee into her mouth through a funnel! And that is just the first scene in the movie.

Of course the doctor is suspended from the hospital, but he seeks help to advance his work by going to the home of the late Dr. Leon Kravaal (Karloff) who invented Frozen Therapy. When he gets to the good doctor’s dilapidated house on an isolated island, guess what? The doc ain’t dead. He got accidentally frozen himself. When he gets thawed out things really heat up (yuk yuk).

Anyway, you get a chance to see this flick, check it out. It’s wild.