Hillary Rodham Clinton, Chirlane McCray

If Hillary Clinton had looked half as sincere during her campaign as she did giving her concession speech, she would have beaten Trump. I suppose the years of constant attacks, accusations, investigations, and inquisitions have made her into an automatically guarded personality who can’t reveal herself easily when in the public eye.

I covered Clinton one time briefly at a press event on child safety sponsored by the Consumer Product Safety Commission in the 1990s. It was held at a DC public school and when she came into the room full of school-age children, you could tell that this was where her heart interest really lie. She seemed to light up being among the kids, and even though it was a photo-op, she seemed genuinely glad to be there and to be involved with children’s issues.

I remember that woman in her early middle age with so much ahead of her and it’s sad now that her path took so many hard turns. Whether they were her own fault, or the fault of her spouse, or whether she was merely the victim of shrewd, and relentless political opponents, it’s difficult to say. But seeing her addressing her loyal followers today for perhaps the last time, it was disheartening to see what bitter reality can become of a woman’s lofty dreams and aspirations.