Hey, you rowdies,
Hey, you boys,
I hear it in the distance,
I hear it in the sky,
It’s coming soon
It’s building slow.
The sound of feet marching,
Voices chanting, asking why.
They’re coming over the horizon
Just barely visible
But they’re moving.
The great awakening has begun.
The video-game, selfie-induced stupor
Of befuddled minds,
Not capable of thought,
Not aware enough to realize what was happening
Splashed awake
By the cold water of reality the day after.

Come on you rowdies,
Come on, you boys
Hey you women,
You children too. Time to test your mettle.
You’re staring it in the face
And you wonder how it could have happened.
How could a carnival barker
Fool so many
How could a self-important clown with an
Oversized ego and injured pride
Beguile millions and convince them
To join his war
On every standard, value and principle
That we have ever stood for
Until Now.