Some of you may remember I posted the article below on facebook back on Nov. 29. I identified Saturn as the potential cause of Trump’s possible downfall. Well, obviously he is going to be inaugurated on Jan. 20, But you have to admit in the time period under discussion–Dec. 29 to Jan. 14– the President Elect has faced the most serious challenges to his Presidency yet. Problems regarding conflict of interest, and the recent Russian dossier, claiming the Russians have some dirt on him. Now the Inspector General is opening an investigation of the FBI and the way it handled the Clinton Email situation.The good news for Donald is that period of trial is about to pass. Saturn moves on its orbit and he’ll feel the pressure let up

Saturn, after all is the Truth Planet. He’s the one who hands you your report card and tells you how you’ve been doing. If you been doing good, you get an A. But if you’ve broken the rules, you’re going to get an F. And if you’ve been lying, the truth will come out. There is no escaping it.

So after this weekend and going into the Inauguration, the President Elect is going to feel as though he’s got the situation under control. But guess what? Due to the apparent retrograde motion of Saturn, the Truth Planet will be back, making the same aspects to his Sun and Moon that it is making now. All of his current problems will be back in the spotlight, intensified and probably with a whole lot more added! Starting in July he’ll start to feel the heat again. It will intensify during the summer and reach a peak by October 2017. Stay tuned. 

John Whalen


Astrologically Speaking

I’m starting to wonder if Donald Trump actually will be sworn in as President, and if he is, how long he’ll be in office before being ejected from the White House. The majority of Astrologers were convinced that Clinton had a victory in the bag (along with just about every expert, talking head, and political commentator). Astrologers based their predictions on the fact that while Clinton’s horoscope, presented no sure fire significators of a victory, Trump’s chart was full of negative aspects from Saturn, the planet of reality, set backs and limitations. Under Saturn transiting aspects, a defeat seemed imminent.

Trump’s highly successful campaign, however WAS predicted, because all during late Spring and early Summer he was enjoying highly favorable aspects from Jupiter, the planet of good luck, popularity and success. He rode the Jupiter tide into a surprise win.But the accepted wisdom in the astro community was that that despite a popular campaign by the time the election arrived, Saturn would deny him the oval office.

Theoretically that sounds like a logical conclusion. However, the astrologers didn’t seem to care that the negative Saturn transits would not arrive until the end of December and early January. They were not in effect on Nov. 8. The transits involve aspects to Trump’s natal SUN and MOON. Extremely negative quality to this period time in Trump’s personal lifeclock. Astrologers may have jumped the gun. It is interesting that now a recount is being called for by Stein and Clinton. It would be even more interesting if Trump loses the recount, (or does some other asinine thing around that time) that costs him the election. I wouldn’t go so far as to make a definite prediction that it will happen, in fact, it’s highly unlikely that it will. But it will be interesting to watch what happens between Dec.29 and Jan. 14.