Meanwhile . . .

Have you ever watched a movie and had the funny feeling you might have seen it before but you know absolutely, positively, you never did? Well, you might get that kind of feeling watching BROKEN LANCE, a big, sprawling western extravaganza from the 1950s in Cinemascope from 20th Century Fox. I explain why in my latest movie review up today on Cinema Retro.

Let me add a note here about a new review an anonymous reader from Brooklyn sent in to Amazon for my HUNTING MONSTERS IS MY BUSINESS. Anonymous said: “These short stories featuring Mordecai Slate are worthy of any horror story written.” That’s the kind of review writers want to hear. Makes it all worthwhile. Thanks, Anonymous.

Another reviewer (J H) recently wrote: “Worth the money.” That may be the highest praise of all, because I don’t know how many books I’ve read and wished I could get my money back. So thanks, JH.

If you’ve read any of my books and want to say something about them, good or bad, please feel free to send a quick review in to Amazon. Feedback is appreciated.