Dreams. People make a big deal out of them. Last night I dreamed I was a guest in Mitch McConnell’s house. We were watching his big screen TV and I kept thinking how much McConnell looks like a turtle. Then a young man obviously loony as a mother came in with a handgun and started pointing it at our heads, asking if we wanted to play Russian Roulette. Mitch told him to calm down. The guy put the gun in my face and I saw him squeeze off and I woke up. Sounds weird but does it mean anything? Why was I in Mitch McConnell’s house? Is there some deep pscyho-political meaning hidden in the dream?

My Grandpappy used to say dreams come from something you ate the night before. Well, before I had the dream I woke up in the middle of the night with a bad stomach ache. Ate some ham the night before that was probably spoiled. Got up, took some Tums, and went back to bed. Turned on the TV and went back to sleep. When I woke up Morning Joe was on. If Grandpappy was right I’d say the dream was probably a combination of spoiled ham, and Morning Joe on TV while I slept. For all I know McConnell might even have been on as a guest. Maybe that’s how he got in my dream. Nothing too mysterious there. But who was the guy with the gun? And why did he want to shoot us? And why RUSSIAN roulette?