Anthony Scaramucci uses vulgarities, insults, and flame throwing in his attacks on other White House staffers. He’s from New York, but he’s just like the greasy goombas I knew in South Philly in the olden days. Wise guys. He’s the COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR. And that’s the best he can do, communications-wise? Ay, paisan. Fuggedaboudit.

But what makes it worse, is when Rep. Peter King (R-NY) is asked to comment about it, instead of saying this represents a new low, that a WH official would speak publicly, on the record , in such a disgusting manner, is unconscionable and should be condemned in the most forceful way, he says: “I’ve heard worse.” I’m sure he has.

So now Saturn is almost standing still as it nears the ends of its retrograde phase. Saturn, the truth planet, the planet that demands we make an accounting of ourselves, the planet that hands you your final Nielsen rating, is sitting there atop Trump’s Moon and opposed to his sun. His emotions and ego are at maximum stress point. He’s cracking.

The planets find surrogates in our lives, and in this case Robert Mueller is Trump’s Saturn. The pres is feeling the pressure. He knows what Mueller can uncover if he digs hard enough. He would like to fire him or have the AG do it. With Congress in recess in August, he may try to use a recess appointment to replace Sessions. If he dumps Sessions, the Republicans in Congress will finally realize they must do something. The solar eclipse of Aug. 21 will be the point of no return. Eclipses are wild cards. Anything can happen.

But you still won’t have seen everything yet. Following that when Mars transits to the eclipse point during the early days of September, when Congress returns, all hell may break loose.