Hunting Monsters final front


When the last vampire has been staked
When the wolves howl no more
When the devil dogs cease to run
And the screaming vultures no longer fly

Then will Mordecai take his rest
Then will he lay his rifle down
And no more his shadowy countenance
Be seen on this forsaken Earth.

Far off though that day may be
For him as for all who draw human breath
That day surely comes
As sure as the rising of the moon in the twinkling sky.

But until then
The rifle is loaded, the pistols too
A lonesome figure rides
Christmas Eve.

220px-donald_trump_august_19_2015_croppedI posted this on Facebook Nov. 29. Since then there has been the revelation that the CIA believes Russia hacked the election to favor Donald Trump. Obama has called for an investigation and some Republicans are voicing concerns. Some officials are calling for a new vote or at least postponement of the electoral college vote until the investigation is completed. Interesting to watch. As Saturn approaches critical transits to Trump’s Sun and Moon, problems could intensify. Watch this space.


Astrologically Speaking

I’m starting to wonder if Donald Trump actually will be sworn in as President, and if he is, how long he’ll be in office before being ejected from the White House. The majority of Astrologers were convinced that Clinton had a victory in the bag (along with just about every expert, talking head, and political commentator). Astrologers based their predictions on the fact that while Clinton’s horoscope, presented no sure fire significators of a victory, Trump’s chart was full of negative aspects from Saturn, the planet of reality, set backs and limitations. Under Saturn transiting aspects, a defeat seemed imminent.

Trump’s highly successful campaign, however WAS predicted, because all during late Spring and early Summer he was enjoying highly favorable aspects from Jupiter, the planet of good luck, popularity and success. He rode the Jupiter tide into a surprise win.But the accepted wisdom in the astro community was that that despite a popular campaign by the time the election arrived, Saturn would deny him the oval office.

Theoretically that sounds like a logical conclusion. However, the astrologers didn’t seem to care that the negative Saturn transits would not arrive until the end of December and early January. They were not in effect on Nov. 8. The transits involve aspects to Trump’s natal SUN and MOON. Extremely negative quality to this period time in Trump’s personal lifeclock. Astrologers may have jumped the gun. It is interesting that now a recount is being called for by Stein and Clinton. It would be even more interesting if Trump loses the recount, (or does some other asinine thing around that time) that costs him the election. I wouldn’t go so far as to make a definite prediction that it will happen, in fact, it’s highly unlikely that it will. But it will be interesting to watch what happens between Dec.29 and Jan. 14.


Remember DEATH VALLEY DAYS? I review the first season of the old TV western series on DVD today on Cinema Retro. 

The rich treasures of autumn,
The ruby red, the gold, the sunset orange and burnt sienna,
Waved so bravely in the high branches,
Stirred by the chill breezes of November
Shaken loose and floating to the ground
Racked, stacked and packed
Waiting for the trucks to come
To haul them away
While we wait for winter.

Today over on Cinema Retro I review SEVEN MILES FROM ALCATRAZ, a peculiar little b movie from RKO Radio Pictures. It’s the day after Pearl Harbor and a couple of convicts doing time on the Rock want to escape because they’re afraid the Japanese might bomb the west coast next, including the prison. Two things worth mentioning about it. It’s the first film Edward Dmytryk directed for RKO, and one of the cast members is Cliff Edwards, better known as the voice of Jiminy Cricket.


The wind blows east, the wind blows west
The leaves fly accordingly
The big black rock in my garden
Is moved in neither direction.



A writer sits late at night
Struggling for the right phrase, the right word
A spider waits in a dark corner of his web
The writer pounces just as quickly when the auspicious moment arrives.


Hey, you rowdies,
Hey, you boys,
I hear it in the distance,
I hear it in the sky,
It’s coming soon
It’s building slow.
The sound of feet marching,
Voices chanting, asking why.
They’re coming over the horizon
Just barely visible
But they’re moving.
The great awakening has begun.
The video-game, selfie-induced stupor
Of befuddled minds,
Not capable of thought,
Not aware enough to realize what was happening
Splashed awake
By the cold water of reality the day after.

Come on you rowdies,
Come on, you boys
Hey you women,
You children too. Time to test your mettle.
You’re staring it in the face
And you wonder how it could have happened.
How could a carnival barker
Fool so many
How could a self-important clown with an
Oversized ego and injured pride
Beguile millions and convince them
To join his war
On every standard, value and principle
That we have ever stood for
Until Now.


Catch my latest BluRay review of “Boy on a Dolphin,” starring Alan Ladd and Sophia Loren over on the Cinema Retro website. The American screen debut for Loren, the beginning of the slide to oblivion for Ladd.

Hillary Rodham Clinton, Chirlane McCray

If Hillary Clinton had looked half as sincere during her campaign as she did giving her concession speech, she would have beaten Trump. I suppose the years of constant attacks, accusations, investigations, and inquisitions have made her into an automatically guarded personality who can’t reveal herself easily when in the public eye.

I covered Clinton one time briefly at a press event on child safety sponsored by the Consumer Product Safety Commission in the 1990s. It was held at a DC public school and when she came into the room full of school-age children, you could tell that this was where her heart interest really lie. She seemed to light up being among the kids, and even though it was a photo-op, she seemed genuinely glad to be there and to be involved with children’s issues.

I remember that woman in her early middle age with so much ahead of her and it’s sad now that her path took so many hard turns. Whether they were her own fault, or the fault of her spouse, or whether she was merely the victim of shrewd, and relentless political opponents, it’s difficult to say. But seeing her addressing her loyal followers today for perhaps the last time, it was disheartening to see what bitter reality can become of a woman’s lofty dreams and aspirations.

taoYin and Yang.

Yin and Yang.

It is the Tao.