Welcome to my blog. Here you’ll find various items of commentary, satire, links to movie reviews I’ve written, and most important, information about my books and other published stories. The first thing you should know is there are two Mordecai Slate books that have been published by Flying W Press and that are currently available for purchase from Amazon.com.

Sized CoverVampire Siege at Rio Muerto,” is a full-length novel featuring monster hunter, Mordecai Slate. In this tale, a man seeking vengeance for his ravaged daughter hires Slate to capture a vampire alive and bring him back to Socorro, New Mexico.  Slate takes Kord Manion prisoner and pus him in a coffin filled with garlic flowers and transports him across 90 miles of desert by wagon. He is pursued by Manion’s brother and his gang of Vampire Riders. Slate stops to help a girl, Marie Tremayne, who is being molested by some bandidos.  He rescues her and is wounded for his trouble. He seeks aid in a near-deserted ghost town called Rio Muerto. The vampire riders surround the town. Can Slate and the rag tag group of losers he finds there survive the “Vampire Siege at Rio Muerto”? Available in papeback ($14.99) or Kindle ($3.99). If you are a Kindle Unlimited member you can obtain it for free. Click on the title above to order.

“Hunting Monsters Is My Business, The Mordecai Slate Stories.”  is the complete collection of the Mordecai Slate stories that have appeared in various print and online publications. It also includes the brand new, Hunting Monsters final frontoriginal novella, “Hunting Monsters Is My Business,” written especially for this volume.

The stories included in the book are:

(1) “The Last Payday of the Killibrew Mine.” In this tale we find Slate in Beaver Junction, Alaska, where he is hired to save a Yukon mining town from the vengeful wrath of some Tligit Indians who have risen from the grave.

(2) “Little China.”  Slate eis on the West Coast, around Monterey, Calif., in a Chinese fishing village, investigating the death of the son of a Spanish nobleman, who was killed by a mysterious creature from the sea.

(3) “Rancho Diablo.” Slate treks across the Sonoran Desert in pursuit of a werewolf who has fled to a notorious outlaw hideout in the Cabeza Prieta Mountains, near Yuma.

(4) “The Man Who Had No Soul.” Slate journeys from West Texas to the Juarez mountains to rescue the daughter of a mad scientist from the clutches of a creature made in the doctor’s laboratory.

(5) “Undead Empire, Gog!” Slate meets up with a time traveler and journey to a far future world ruled by demons and zombies.

(6) “The Shape of a Cage.” Slate suffers the monster hunter’s worst nightmare and becomes the thing he has always hunted. He journeys into Coyotera country to find help.

(7) “Samurai Blade.” Something from beyond the grave haunts Dodge City. photo

(8) “On the Camino Real.” A Christmas vignette

(9) “Hunting Monsters Is My Business.” Slate runs into voodoo trouble in the Texas Panhandle.

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