bone tomahawkWatched Bone Tomahawk on BluRay last night. I’d give it two stars. Not bad for a young first time director, but it is totally unbelievable that a man with a broken leg can join a posse to hunt down troglodytes who kidnapped his wife. He not only has a broken leg, but breaks it again when he loses his horse. And keeps on going? On foot?

TROGLODYTES? Okay I can buy the concept but I can’t buy the matter of fact way the few townspeople there are in this low budget movie act like, “Oh, yeah, those troglodytes over there.”

This movie has Sean Young in it. That should be fair warning.

Kurt Russell was MacReady from The Thing again. Cool headed under pressure. Maybe that’s what he thought it would be.

The film doesn’t have a rating. It would get an X if it had one. There’s one particularly gruesome scene that is not for the squeamish.

Two Stars. * *